Terrain Tactics: Why Install New Jersey Artificial Turf on Patios With Uneven Surfaces

Transform Your Uneven Patio with Artificial Turf - new jersey
Dealing with uneven terrain on or around your patio can be a challenge. Not only can it detract from the overall appearance of your outdoor space, but it can also pose safety issues. However, there’s a simple, robust solution: New Jersey artificial turf.

The Downsides of Uneven Patio Grounds

Numerous issues can arise when dealing with uneven patio terrain. There are a lot of  potential problems that could complicate your outdoor living experience.

Trip Hazards

The primary concern with uneven ground is the risk of tripping. Small divots or slopes due to foot traffic or the natural terrain may not be immediately apparent, leading to accidental trips or falls. This can be particularly concerning if you have children or older adults using your patio regularly.

Water Drainage

Uneven patio terrain can contribute to poor water drainage. Water can pool in the lower spots, leading to soggy ground or even potential water damage to nearby structures. During New Jersey’s rainy season, this could result in a messy patio area that’s not usable until it dries.

Difficulty in Furniture Placement

Practical usage of your patio is a key concern. An uneven surface can lead to wobbly tables and chairs, making your patio less enjoyable for dining, lounging, or entertaining guests.

How Does Expert Artificial Grass Installation Solve Uneven Patio Terrain?

Professionally installed New Jersey artificial turf can effectively solve the issues that arise from uneven patio terrain. Here’s how:

Creating a Level Surface

Before installing artificial grass, experts will work on grading and leveling the surface. This involves leveling out the bumps and filling in the divots, creating a smooth and even underlying surface. A level surface not only looks better but also improves the functionality and safety of your patio.

Improving Drainage

Artificial grass installations include a layer of crushed rock or gravel underneath the grass. This facilitates water drainage, ensuring that water doesn’t pool on your patio. Additionally, modern synthetic turf products are designed with a permeable backing that allows water to drain through the surface quickly, keeping the surface dry.

Stable Foundation for Furniture

A level and stable artificial grass surface makes placing patio furniture easy. Whether you’re setting up a dining table, lounge chairs, or a fire pit, they will sit evenly on the top of the artificial grass without any wobbles or instability.

Other Patio Landscaping Perks of Artificial Grass

In addition to tackling uneven terrain, artificial grass for patios offers many additional benefits for landscaping.

  • Low-Maintenance: Artificial grass requires minimal maintenance compared to natural grass. With no mowing, watering, or fertilizing necessary, you’ll have more time to enjoy your patio.
  • Pest-Free: New Jersey artificial turf doesn’t attract pests like natural grass does, keeping your patio a bug-free zone.
  • Year-Round Lushness: Regardless of the weather changes in New Jersey, your synthetic turf will stay green and beautiful all year round.


Give Your Patio a Hassle-Free Makeover

With its ability to solve uneven terrain and other landscaping issues, artificial grass can help you achieve a beautiful, level, low-maintenance patio. At New Jersey Artificial Grass Pros, we provide expert artificial grass installation services designed to fit your unique landscaping needs. 
Contact us online or by phone at 848-279-4969 today for a free consultation, and let’s turn your patio into a vibrant and functional outdoor living space!

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