Seven Golf Turf Equipment Pieces That a Synthetic Putting Green Installation in NJ Doesn’t Need

Upkeep Tools That a Putting Green Installation in NJ Doesnt Need

Natural putting greens require a ton of care because they get so much foot traffic from golf activity. Both can damage the grass over time. Turf upkeep often involves using specialized tools that cost a lot to buy or rent. And even then they’re only effective for a short period. If you want great short games without all those hassles, why not invest in a synthetic putting green installation in NJ?

Artificial grass offers the same playability as pro-level courses without tedious upkeep. That means you don’t need to buy or rent the following turf care equipment to keep it in great shape.

Putting Green Mowers

Greenkeepers use a putting green mower to trim and shape the grass on a natural putting green. The mower keeps the turf healthy by removing excess debris and trimming away any parts that have grown too long. It also helps to keep the green smooth and level.But if you have an artificial turf putting green, you can skip this step entirely. After all, synthetic grass doesn’t grow.

Tee Mowers

A tee mower lets greenkeepers keep natural putting greens at a certain height above the ground. Without such equipment, it would be difficult for players to hit shots from different distances.

An artificial putting green installation in NJ maintains the height it has on the day of its installation. So you don’t need to use a tee mower to keep it at the ideal height for short games.

Collar Mowers

A collar mower tidies up natural putting greens by removing unwanted grass. It works by cutting off the top inch of grass and leaving a neat, even surface.

Artificial grass doesn’t need a collar mower because it has a uniform height. It won’t get any uneven patches or “collars” no matter how much time passes.

Trim Mowers

Trim mowers are used to shape natural putting greens by removing high spots and leveling them out. They can also be used as a way to create stripes on greens, which are great for golf courses that want to add a little flair.

Artificial grass doesn’t need these machines because it’s already at the ideal height for short games. If you want to add strips to your synthetic green, consider using turf products in different shades of green.

Walk-Behind Aerators

A walk-behind aerator loosens the soil in golf greens. This helps water and nutrients to penetrate deep into the ground and promote healthy root systems.

New Jersey artificial turf doesn’t need this kind of treatment because it doesn’t depend on the soil to stay healthy. It consists of synthetic fibers that stay soft, vibrant and springy with minimal maintenance.

Top-Dressing Equipment

Greenkeepers use top-dressing equipment to apply a thin layer of fertilizer and other nutrients on putting greens. It also helps keep weeds at bay by preventing them from growing through the topsoil.

Synthetic putting greens don’t need top-dressing equipment because they don’t have any topsoil. There’s also no need to fertilize or take weed control measures for artificial grass.

Green Rollers

Greens rollers remove thatch, which can build up and interfere with the smoothness of your putting surface. Thatch is essentially the layer of dead grass that builds up at the base of your putting green. It gets in the way of a nice, smooth stroke.

You don’t need green rollers when you have an artificial putting green. Artificial grass is made of synthetic fibers instead of real plant material. So it doesn’t have a layer of dead grass on its surface.

Simplify Putting Green Maintenance With Synthetic Grass in NJ

If you’re ready to take your putting green to the next level, we have you covered here at New Jersey Artificial Grass Pros.

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