Landscape Maintenance Tasks That New Jersey Artificial Turf Doesn’t Need

How New Jersey Artificial Turf Simplifies Landscape Maintenance

When it comes to landscaping, nothing says “high-end” like a pristine lawn. Lush, green grass is the perfect complement to the beautiful flowers, trees and plants in your landscape. But natural grass is difficult to maintain. Not only is its upkeep tedious, but you’ll also have to adjust it depending on the weather and other conditions. It’s no wonder more and more people are using New Jersey artificial turf instead.

Artificial grass looks and feels like real grass but doesn’t need any work. It’s a great way to simplify lawn upkeep in landscapes. Here are some of the lawn care tasks it doesn’t need:


You need to water a natural lawn several times a week, depending on its general state and how much water you use. This can land you with big water bills. Watering your lawn three times a week is usually enough, but you might need to do it more during summer.

Artificial turf doesn’t need water to stay green and healthy because it doesn’t have any roots. The only time you need to use water on it is to clean it up.


Mowing is one of the most tedious tasks when it comes to keeping your real lawn healthy and looking good. You need to mow real grass at least once every two weeks, but you can do it more often than that if you want to keep it short.

Artificial turf doesn’t need mowing because it doesn’t grow. It’ll keep its height and density without any effort. It’s one of the reasons why it’s the perfect material for sports fields like a putting green installation in NJ.


Fertilizing your lawn will make it look better because it will encourage growth and healthier roots. But many different types of fertilizers can harm both humans and animals if they get into contact with them or ingest them.

Artificial grass doesn’t need any fertilizer because it doesn’t need nutrients from the soil to flourish. Even if the soil has zero nutrients, it will still stay lush and green.

Aerating the Soil

Aerating your soil can help improve drainage and water retention, but it’s also a labor-intensive process. You have to get out there with a machine and poke holes in the ground. And if you’re not careful, you can damage your lawn by poking too many holes or not enough holes.

With artificial turf, you don’t have to worry about aeration—your synthetic grass will drain well naturally!


Weeding is another time-consuming task that you won’t have to worry about if you opt for artificial turf instead of real grass. Weeds are an invasive species that can take over your lawn if left unchecked. If you’ve ever had a weed problem in your yard, then you know just how much time they can take away from other activities.

With artificial turf, weeds will be kept at bay without any work on your part. Weeds can’t break through its dense, synthetic fibers. So it doesn’t need weeding.

Applying Pesticides

While pesticides work on both natural and New Jersey artificial turf, the latter doesn’t need them as much as the former. This is because pests don’t like synthetic grass. It doesn’t have any roots for bugs to eat and burrow into. Likewise, it doesn’t have any natural grass blades for insects to munch on.

In short, you can retire your pesticides once you use artificial grass for landscaping.


Winterizing your lawn is a huge task. It’s time-consuming and laborious, requiring you to rake up leaves, shovel snow and de-ice your lawn. These tasks are made easier by artificial turf.

Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf doesn’t need winter prep. It might freeze over during the winter season, but the ice will melt to reveal lush, green turf once spring rolls around.


Seeding is another task that takes a lot of time and effort on the part of homeowners. You have to find the right type of seed, prepare the ground properly and then carefully apply it to your lawn.

If you have artificial turf, this is one task that will become a thing of the past. You won’t have to seed again if you’re tired of taking care of natural grass in your yard.

Simplify Upkeep in High-Maintenance Landscapes With Synthetic Grass in NJ

You’ve had enough of mowing, watering and fertilizing your natural lawn. You’re also done dealing with these frustrating lawn issues. You want to get rid of your natural lawn and install artificial grass in its place. We can help.

Here at New Jersey Artificial Grass Pros, our team is ready to design a new landscape for you that will be a breeze to maintain. We offer premium artificial grass products and landscaping solutions. Fill out our contact form or call us now at 848-279-4969 to learn more!

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