Is New Jersey Artificial Turf Better than Hardscapes for Pet Spaces?

Artificial Turf vs. Hardscapes for Pet Spaces

When you have dogs, it’s only natural to want to give them more space in your yard. But when it comes right down to it, safety should be your number one priority. Natural grass is not a great choice because it hides hazards like ticks, fleas, sharp seeds, and toxic weeds. While hardscapes might seem like the logical choice for an outdoor play area for pets, New Jersey artificial turf offers a better alternative.

Here’s how artificial turf compares to common yard floorings

Wood Panel

Wood panels are a popular option for pet spaces because they are easy to install and maintain. However, wood panels can be slippery when wet. They can also warp due to extreme temperatures or moisture. Moreover, it can take a lot of damage if your dogs dig, claw, or chew it.

Synthetic lawns have none of these problems. They have traction even when they’re wet, and dogs can’t damage them.


While concrete is affordable and durable, it’s also difficult to maintain. It tends to absorb urine odors, which can make it unpleasant for pets or people using the space. It can also be unforgiving for paws and get hot enough to hurt your dogs.

You don’t have to worry about any of these problems when you install New Jersey artificial turf. It doesn’t absorb odors, and you can even use a deodorizer if you want to be doubly sure. It’s also paw-friendly and it doesn’t retain heat, unlike concrete and other hardscapes.


Asphalt is another popular option for pet spaces because it is durable and easy to maintain. Unfortunately, it also becomes slippery when wet and may be difficult for pets to walk on with their claws. It also needs regular maintenance such as resealing or repainting every few years to keep it looking new and prevent cracking or pitting.

On the other hand, artificial grass lawns are a breeze to maintain and soft enough to not injure your dogs’ paws and claws.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is a great choice for outdoor spaces, but it can be very expensive and difficult to maintain. It’s also prone to cracking or chipping from extreme temperatures and foot traffic. And because it’s hard, there’s a risk of your dogs hurting their paws or claws when they play rough on it.

Weather resistance is a hallmark of artificial grass in NJ. An artificial grass installation can withstand bad weather conditions, from droughts to heavy rain, without taking damage.


Tiles are excellent for pet spaces and can look beautiful in any yard. However, they are often made of materials that can be hard on pet paws. They also tend to be slippery when wet, which makes them a bad choice for areas where pets might have to walk over them when wet (or after rain).

Fake grass is lush and vibrant, so you can definitely use it to turn your yard into a gorgeous landscape. But, unlike tiles, a synthetic turf installation doesn’t become a dangerous surface for your pets when it’s wet.

6 Benefits of Combining Dog-Friendly Artificial Grass with Hardscape

Regardless of what specific hardscape material you choose for your landscape, integrating them with an artificial grass lawn offers the following advantages for both you and your pet:

  1. Aesthetic Appeal – A fake grass lawn gives your yard a natural look that is manicured and beautiful all year-round. Hardscapes can complement this perfectly by providing contrast and interest.

  2. Low Maintenance – An artificial grass lawn is very easy to take care of and requires little to no maintenance. This means that you won’t have to worry about things like mowing, fertilizing, or watering the lawn. Hardscapes are also relatively low maintenance, so you can enjoy your yard without having to put in a lot of work. This gives you more time to have fun on your lawn with your furry friend.

  3. Durability – Both artificial grass and hardscapes are extremely durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. This is especially beneficial if you have an active dog who likes to run and play in the yard.

  4. Safety – Many hardscape materials, such as concrete and asphalt, can become very hot in the summer sun. This can be dangerous for your dog’s paws and can cause burns. Artificial grass, on the other hand, is made of materials that will not get hot in the sun. This means that your dog can still play in the yard without having to worry about burning his or her paws, while you get to use whatever hardscaping your like.

  5. Comfort – Artificial grass softens the area around hardscapes, making it more comfortable for your dog to walk on. This is especially beneficial if your dog has arthritis or joint pain.

  6. Cleanliness – Both hardscapes and artificial grass are easier to clean than a natural lawn. As an example, you won’t have to worry about muddy paws tracking dirt and mud into your home after a rainstorm.

Create a Haven for Your Dogs With an Artificial Grass Installation in NJ

At New Jersey Artificial Grass Pros, we make it a point to offer the highest quality artificial grass products and landscaping solutions. We want to help you transform your yard into a pet paradise that will last for years to come.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our products and installation services, please call us today at 848-279-4969. You can also send us a message online to get in touch with our expert grass installers. We look forward to hearing from you!

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