How to Keep Fur Off Your Artificial Lawn

As a pet owner, you likely choose artificial grass for its durability, low maintenance, and pet-friendly qualities. However, you may find pet fur clinging to those beautiful blades. While frustrating, there are ways to prevent your artificial lawn from becoming a fur magnet.

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The Causes of Clinging Fur

Pet fur sticks due to static electricity. The constant contact between your pet’s coat and the synthetic grass blades causes a charge that makes fur stubbornly stick. Longer hair is more prone to this. Dry weather also increases static.

The good news is that a quality artificial grass is designed to minimize static. Proper care and grooming habits can also help dramatically reduce clinging fur. Follow these tips and tricks to keep excess fur at bay.

Regular Pet Grooming

Groom your pets regularly, outside if possible. Brushing removes loose hairs before they end up on your lawn. Bathing also helps minimize fur loss. Pay extra attention during seasonal shedding periods. Consider professional grooming for long-haired pets. Proper nutrition supports a healthy coat too.

Anti-Static Sprays

Apply a pet-safe anti-static spray, which acts like fabric softener for your lawn. These neutralize the static charge. Spritz the grass after installation, then monthly during peak shedding seasons. This makes a noticeable difference with longer-haired dogs. Reapply after heavy rain.

Turf Cleaning Solutions

Use a mild detergent made for artificial grass to wash your lawn weekly or bi-weekly. These remove organic matter like dirt, pollen, and fur. Use a stiff brush to loosen debris. Avoid harsh chemicals that could damage the grass fibers. Rinse thoroughly. Proper drainage is key to prevent soggy fur clumps.

Added Turf Products

Install a permeable weed barrier beneath your turf, which prevents fur from working its way underneath. An infill mixture with rounded sand particles also helps resist clinging fur. There are also turf cleaning machines designed specifically for pet owners.

Choosing the Best Artificial Grass

With some diligence, you can maintain a clean, fur-free, and safe artificial lawn your pets will love. Contact New Jersey Artificial Grass Pros to learn more about our exceptional products. Our full-service team handles everything from design to maintenance. We offer free quotes too, so call 848-279-4969 today or send us a message to get started.

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