How to Escape-Proof Your Artificial Grass Backyard

Dog Escape-Proofing Tips for Artificial Grass Backyards - new jersey

Your dog is your best friend and a beloved family member. You want it to be comfortable, happy, and—most importantly—safe in your backyard. While regular playtime and exercise are essential for your furry companion, so is security. 

Many dogs are escape artists and can easily dig through a natural lawn. While pet-friendly artificial grass is much tougher, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Below are some tips for thwarting those canine escape attempts:

Secure the Perimeter

  •  Fences, Fences, Fences: Your first line of defense is a solid, sturdy fence. Choose a wall that’s the appropriate height for your dog’s size and breed. Ensure there are no gaps or potential “footholds” your sneaky pet could use for climbing.
  •  Gates With Purpose: Select gates as secure as your fence and include a latch your dog can’t figure out.
  •  Extend Your View: Sometimes, dogs are tempted more by what they can see. A solid privacy fence can block out distractions beyond your yard, lessening the urge to wander.

Prevent Breakout From Below

  •  Digging Deterrents: Artificial grass is resistant to digging, but you can never be 100% sure. Install a dig guard beneath your artificial grass. A simple hardware cloth or wire mesh can discourage the most determined diggers.
  •  Hidden Barriers: Rocks, pavers, or planted areas along the fence line can subtly block potential escape routes. They add visual appeal to artificial grass installation in NJ.

Think Beyond the Obvious

  •  Comfortable Canines are Less Likely to Wander: Create a stimulating, secure space where your dog truly enjoys spending time. Adding water features, shady spots, toys, agility courses, and other fun stuff to synthetic turf for dogs can encourage them to stay put.
  •  Stay Vigilant: Even the most secure yard needs supervision. Don’t leave your dog unattended for long periods and check your fences and gates regularly for any signs of wear or tampering.

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