How Artificial Grass in NJ Makes Backyards More Accessible to the Elderly

6 Senior-Friendly Benefits of Artificial Grass in NJ for Yards

Age deteriorates muscle mass, bone density and reflexes. As a result, seniors face a higher risk of falling when spending time outdoors. Artificial grass in NJ helps reduce this risk by providing a safer surface for seniors to walk on and exercise on.

Here’s how:

Soft on Aging Joints

Aging can cause stiffness in the joints. This makes it difficult to walk comfortably on hard surfaces, such as concrete or natural turf.

The infill used in some artificial grass systems helps to cushion the surface. In short, seniors can move around it comfortably.

Absorbs Impact

Around 3 million older people are treated in emergency facilities for a fall injury, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Unlike concrete or other hard surfaces, a putting green installation in NJ has cushioning properties. These absorb the shock of a fall, which reduces the risk of injuries. This also makes it easier for seniors to get back on their feet if they fall.

Doesn’t Create Slippery Surfaces

When it rains, artificial grass does not form puddles like real grass, which can create potential hazards for those with limited mobility due to weak joints or other health issues.

Instead, artificial grass drains water quickly, preventing slick surfaces from forming. This is especially important if you live in an area prone to heavy rains and flooding.

Safer for Wheelchairs and Walkers

Artificial grass is a more stable surface than natural grass. It is firm enough to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers without sinking into the ground.

Artificial lawns are flat, so there’s also no chance of wheelchairs and walkers getting stuck on uneven surfaces. Seniors can navigate them safely and confidently.

Comfortable to Sit On

Hard concrete and asphalt surfaces can be painful for seniors, while natural grass can hide sharp objects like grass seeds. 

An artificial grass installation in NJ can have cushion padding. This makes it a great surface for elderly people to sit on. It offers a comfortable and safe sitting area that is easy to get up from as well.

Won’t Cause Breathing Problems

Many older people suffer from allergies or other kinds of breathing problems, such as asthma. Pollen from natural grass, weeds and other plants can aggravate their condition.

This is not a danger with synthetic grass because it doesn’t produce pollen. Weeds can’t penetrate their surface, so there’s no chance for allergens from these invasive plants to spread. Rest assured that your senior loved ones won’t suffer from breathing issues that a natural lawn could cause.

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Artificial Grass in NJ Never Fails to Make Yards Safer for Seniors

Don’t cut corners when it comes to your elderly loved ones’ safety. Make sure they’re as safe as possible whenever they spend time in your backyard by installing synthetic turf.

New Jersey Artificial Grass Pros can help you turn your backyard into a lush, green haven that’s 100% accessible to seniors. Let us know what you want out of your yard and we’ll get it done with premium synthetic turf and expert installation services.

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