Color Selection Tips for Synthetic Grass in NJ

How to Choose the Perfect Shade for Synthetic Grass - NJ

For homeowners considering artificial grass installation in New Jersey, selecting the right color is crucial to achieving your dream lawn. But with many color varieties to choose from, how do you ensure you pick a shade that suits your home, landscape, and preferences?

The color you select can make or break the look and feel of your new synthetic turf. While artificial grass technology has come a long way, unnatural bright greens and solid mats of color can still give off an unconvincing vibe.

The good news is manufacturers today offer blades in diverse, natural-looking hues. When paired with realistically colored infill and thatch, modern artificial lawns blend into their surroundings seamlessly.

We’re exploring popular artificial grass color options, and how you can pick the perfect shade for your New Jersey property.

Natural Hues Like Olive Green Offer a Realistic Look

For the most authentic look, many homeowners opt for soft, natural tones like olive green. Ranging from muted, grayish greens to deep forest hues, olive blades convincingly emulate the color of real grass.

This versatility allows olive green artificial turf to complement different environments. Lighter olive shades blend nicely into brighter, sunnier yards. Darker olive hues pair well with shaded, wooded landscapes.

Olive greens are ideal for homeowners who want their new lawn to look like the real thing. The natural color disguises synthetic grass blades, avoiding the “fake” look of brighter greens or unnaturally uniform shades.

Vibrant Lime Green Provides a Lush, Modern Appeal

For a bold, eye-catching look, vibrant lime green is a popular artificial grass choice. The synthetic blades feature brighter, bolder greens that make the lawn “pop.”

Compared to olive green, lime green has a more modern, decorative appeal. It works well in contemporary garden designs, creating an energetic backdrop for unique landscapes.

Lime green may look more artificial at first glance. But properly installed with realistic infill and thatch, the uniform green tones fill out the lawn for a lush, well-manicured appearance.

Multi-Tone and Mixed-Color Blades Add Depth and Realism

For additional realism, consider multi-tone artificial grasses featuring mixed-color blades. Combining several natural shades in each turf strand mimics the diverse variations seen in real grass.

Blades may combine olive, lime, and chartreuse greens to emulate how natural lawns display lighter and darker tones. Other options like Synlawn’s Multi-Tone blend in tan and brown hues add depth.

The contrast created by mixed blades prevents uniform solidness and produces subtle highlights, shadows, and color variations. This prevents the “fake grass” look and finishes the lawn with true-to-life richness.

Consider How Infill and Thatch Colors Complement the Blades

Along with the grass blades, the infill and thatch used during installation also affect color. Infill contains sand and/or rubber granules that support the upright blades. Thatch refers to the material that fills the turf backing for stability and realism.

For the most natural effect, the infill and thatch colors should complement the blades. For example, olive green blades  pair well with brown, tan, or greenish infill. Lime green would better match brighter green rubber granules.

The infill shouldn’t be too dark or solid, which flattens the look. When the colors coordinate well, the infill and thatch enhance vibrancy, add background depth, and boost realism.

Complement Your Property With Right Artificial Grass 

Choosing the right artificial grass color is key to creating your ideal lawn in New Jersey. Consider complementary colors, contrast, and what tones will work best for your home’s style and surroundings.

If you have any other questions about artificial grass colors or installation, don’t hesitate to reach out. New Jersey Artificial Grass Pros offers free consultations and estimates – just call us at 848-279-4969 to get started.

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