Artificial Putting Green Installation in NJ: Perfect for Casual Golfers

Artificial Putting Green Installation in NJ for Weekend Golfers

Are you a weekend golfer? If so, you probably often have a hard time shooting in the 70s. It’s not because you’re not good. It’s because golf mostly requires muscle memory, which is hard to build up if you don’t play that often. Fortunately, there’s a way to get good without spending more time on the course: set up an artificial putting green installation in NJ in your yard.

Why Get a Synthetic Backyard Putting Green?

Let’s focus on the “backyard putting green” part of the question first.

A backyard putting green will let you train without traveling far or spending money on gas or a commute.

You can play anytime you have time to spare, which will allow you to practice your putts and hone your strategies more often. So the next time you hit the course, you’ll be more successful.

Moreover, you can customize your backyard putting green as much as you want.

Nothing is stopping you from adding more holes to it or changing up its layout. You can also make it more challenging with obstacles.For example, you can add a small hill with a hole on top of it. That will teach you to account for the slopes and determine the amount of force to apply to your swings to reach the hole.

Finally, if you want to practice your golf game in privacy, you can’t go wrong with a putting green installation in NJ.

It’ll give you the space and privacy to work on your swings without being observed by other golfers. You can also focus on perfecting your techniques and make mistakes without anyone judging you.

Why Install Synthetic Grass Instead of Growing Natural Turf?

First of all, artificial turf for golf is ready to go as soon as the turf installer completes it. Unlike real grass, it doesn’t take months—or even days—to grow and become playable. Installers can complete it in as fast as a few hours or days, depending on its size and design.

Moreover, artificial putting greens have fake grass blades with the right height, density, and texture for short games. In short, they always have the right ball roll quality for putting.

This is often hard to achieve on natural grass because it’s alive and temperamental. Slight changes in its upkeep and environment, such as watering it more than usual or a storm, can affect its growth and make it difficult to play on.

Best Practice Drills to Do on Synthetic Grass in NJ for Golf

A synthetic putting green will help you master your short-distance shots. So when you hit the course, you can be confident that your putts will always land where they should. Here are some practice drills you can do on your putting green:

Speed Drill

The speed drill will help you get better at reading greens by encouraging you to make quick decisions about how hard to hit your putt. You can practice this drill by picking a target and then taking a few strokes to get there. After each stroke, evaluate how close you came to making it in or not. This is a great way to build confidence in your ability to read putts, which will help you make smarter decisions on the course later on.

1-2-3 Putting Drill

The 1-2-3 putting drill teaches you how to control your speed. So when you’re putting for birdies, they’re not just lucky bounces but rather well-executed shots that allow you to save par.

In this drill, pick three spots on the green and aim for them with different lengths of putts—make sure they’re all within range of one another.

Hone Your Putting Skills on Artificial Grass in NJ

Here at New Jersey Artificial Grass Pros, we can help you make your dream green a reality. We provide premium artificial grass that’s designed specifically for golf, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly. We also offer installation services and landscaping solutions to make sure everything goes smoothly.

We’ll walk you through the process and costs before getting started, so you know exactly what to expect. If you have any questions or want to get a quote on your installation, please contact us today. Just fill out our contact form or call us at 848-279-4969.

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