7 Charming Gardens for Your Artificial Grass Installation in NJ

If you want a garden that looks as good in January as it does in July, artificial grass installation in NJ is the answer. It’s low maintenance, looks and feels like real grass, and works for any type of landscape.

7 Types of Gardens Perfect for Artificial Grass Installation in New Jersey

It’s also much more versatile. No more waiting around for the grass to grow or hoping it won’t die this summer. Give your backyard a makeover anytime you want without worrying about the yard itself.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

1. Japanese Gardens  

Contrary to their name, Japanese gardens aren’t just found in Japan. These gardens are highly stylized and were first designed centuries ago as a way to represent harmony with nature.

Artificial grass installation in NJ is the perfect canvas for a Japanese garden. Unlike real grass, it will always stay neat and tidy. It’s also a beautiful backdrop for design elements like gravel or river stone.

2. English Gardens  

There’s nothing more soothing than a walk through an English garden on a sunny day. Ideal for both formal and informal areas, English gardens are all about creating a balance between formality and the outdoors.

For the best of both worlds, create paths using synthetic turf and plant low-growing perennials or shrubs around them.

3. Contemporary Gardens   

If your garden is large and open with plenty of sunshine, synthetic turf can make any design look completely modern. It’s also less expensive than traditional materials, which is always a bonus.

Contemporary gardens are all about clean lines and minimalism. Lay the background with artificial grass for backyards, then add a few carefully placed accent pieces to make your garden truly unique. Try a handcrafted fountain or a sleek statue to complete the look.

4. Cottage Gardens   

Cottage gardens are exactly what they sound like: gardens that people with a country cottage might enjoy. They’re full of flowers, herbs and vegetables, and they create the look of a quaint countryside scene.

With New Jersey artificial turf as the base for the lawn, fill it in with huge flowers in colors like blue, lavender and pink. Keep the look informal by using native perennials or sunflowers. Don’t forget seating; a comfy bistro set or Adirondack chairs are perfect for a day spent outside.

5. Formal Gardens   

Formal gardens are all about structure. These gardens have a highly structured look and often contain hedges, topiaries or other geometric accents.

For the cleanest look possible, use artificial turf as ground cover. Then lay a patterned stone path down the middle. Next, use decorative plant pots and sculptures around every corner to create a tight, polished look.

6. Herb Gardens   

Love cooking? Want to infuse your synthetic lawn with the fresh, clean scent of herbs? An herb garden is a great way to do both!

Use pots or raised planters arranged on artificial grass to create a kitchen garden. You can place them anywhere in the yard, but make sure they get plenty of sunlight for optimal growing conditions.

7. Tiny Patios and Balconies   

If you have a small outdoor space, artificial turf can still make it look like an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Install a tiny patio or balcony garden with artificial turf flooring, and then personalize the space. Add a few potted plants, a comfy chair and a coffee table, and you’ll have a relaxing oasis just steps away from the big city.

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